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for the brows and career you've always wanted... All sessions and trainings now booked by text.

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 Lavish Beauty



The Lavish Combo Ombre Nano Brow

First Session       | 60 min | 550

Initial touch up   | 30 min | 200 

2-18mo's             | 45 min | 300


Color correction addition


Lavish Beauty's
Lip Blush

First Session       | 60 min | 50

Initial touch up   | 30 min | 25 

2-18mo's             | 45 min | N/C

First Session     | 60 min | 550

Initial touch up | 30 min | 200

2-12 mo's          | 45 min | 300


lavish beauty's

First Session       | 60 min | 600

Scar or Stretch Mark Camo

First Session       | 60 min | 600

Color removal

First Session       | 60 min | 1300

Initial touch up   | 30 min | 200 

2-18mo's             | 45 min | 300

Initial touch up   | 30 min | 200

2-12 mo's            | 45min  | 300

Initial touch up   | 30 min | N/C

2 inc. 2-12 mo's  | 45min  | N/C

Lavish Certifications



Owner, Brandi Snyder has trained over 1800 students since 2015. 

( Some of your favorite artists are Lavish Beauty Trained)


All trainings since 2020 are ONE-ON-ONE!

PDF Manuals are sent for optional pre-study.


You will become a licensed tattoo artist. 

No Esthetic or Cosmetology license is needed.

You will be able to work on a model in class supervised by Brandi.


This is a HIGH Six figure career. Work smarter NOT harder. 


Business Branding is also included with each training!

Each Certification includes a shadow day at Lavish. Must use within one year.


Deposits are half the cost of your course.


When you love what you do, 

you will never WORK a day in your life. / #407-402-5821

Meet Lily
IMG_20221012081014 copy.jpg

 Brandi Snyder

Owner of Lavish Beauty

There is nothing better than loving what you do. I was a longtime Medical Esthetician and moved onto lashes until I found Microblading in 2015! THAT was my new love and changed my life. I am completely self taught and quickly expanded my business to teaching others in 2015. I have spent many years booked out over a year and have trained over 1800 others to do what I do!


It has absolutely been an amazing 8 years. It is my passion. My work is extremely natural, I love corrections too! Definitely check out my Instagram

& Facebook as it not only has 8 years of my work and students on it but I post my current work daily there. I have simplified my website and now as of 2023 I am accepting sessions by text. 

 After all these years I still book out quickly so plan ahead and check out all of the details on your session here on the site. I look forward to meeting you and giving you the brows or the career you've always wanted. XO Brandi 

Do you offer Consultations?

Consultations are a part of your initial session with Lavish Beauty.
I will pre-draw and we will chat about your shape and review any questions or concerns prior to starting your session. 

What is the healing process like?

While everyone heals differently... you will be darker for two to three days followed by some flaking. redness can also occur during the healing process occasionally and will go away.  Scabbing can also occur and is not ideal. not everyone will scab however if this occurs it could extend the healing time by a few days. if you get scabbing you may see patches of dark and light areas during the healing process... you will need to wait and see what color returns before you will know if you need a touch up. Ideal timing for initial touch up sessions is between 4 and 6 weeks.

and for lips...
your lips will be swollen for only a few hours 2-4 is normal. not everyone swells however it can happen. you will also see more color appear after the swelling subsides. The color will settle within a week.
a lip touch up is included if needed.


Can I get botox prior to my session?

Absolutely! If you maintain your botox you can get it at any time prior to your session. If you are new to botox you will need to wait 7 days for your botox to take effect.

I need to reschedule my session...

clients book, reschedule and or cancel their sessions by text.  24 hour notice is required. Deposits are non-refundable.

What do I do if I need a touch up?

if you need a touch up session you simply book one.  You have up to eight weeks to schedule your initial touch up session after your initial appointment with lavish. At 8 weeks it becomes a 2-18 month touch up session.

What is my aftercare?

do nothing for 24 hours after your session. then wash your brows once a day firmly in an upward motion with a clear or foaming neutral face wash free of exfoliants then pat dry and apply aftercare. do not get wet in shower, no sweating for a week.

common questions

Is Previous Permanent Makeup ok?

Yes. I correct previous permanent makeup daily. there are many options at your session as far as color correction and symmetry adjustments. Occasionally multiple sessions are necessary. You do not need to send photos prior.

What is your Cancelation and no show policy?

When you book your session with Lavish you will be required to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit. You will be texted the link after you schedule your session. 24 hours notice is required when cancelling or re scheduling your session within 30 days or your deposit will be forfeited.


For Brows... 18 months after your first session with Lavish Beauty you are a full session again. It is a cycle that repeats. 
Initial touch up sessions are only available once after your first session and only up to 8 weeks. You can have up to 4 
2-18 mo. touch ups within your 2-18 mo time frame. Hopefully only one or two is needed, most clients hold up great.

For lips and Scar/ Stretch mark Camouflage... 12 months after your first session with Lavish you are a full session again. It is a cycle that repeats.

First time sessions are paid in cash. Touch up's can be paid by card.

No kids or pets are allowed at your session.

If you are more than 10 minutes late your session will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited. Please understand I am booked back to back and cannot run late for all sessions. be early! :) Address and details at bottom of page.

No shows or late cancels lose the $100 deposit. There are NO exceptions to this. The deposit amount will not transfer to another session. Late cancels mean less than 24 hours notice and do not apply to weekends. ( This means if you have a session on a Monday you will need to cancel on Friday prior to your Monday session time) If you cancel your session in time you must reschedule within 30 days for your deposit to transfer.

this is semi-permanent makeup. everyone heals differently. some clients need no touch up and others could need one or two or more. it is all over the place and completely dependent on your skin. you must have realistic 
expectations and understand this. I correct a ton of permanent makeup that turns awful colors. if you happen to have difficult skin and need more touch ups than someone else trust me still be thankful that it is not something that is going to turn awful colors over the years that you are stuck with asking me to color correct. That being said most clients hold up amazingly and I look very forward to meeting you at your session! 


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122 N. 4th Street

lake Mary, fl 32746

*****located between flippers pizza and Korr Realty.

go to second set of glass doors and come upstairs.


Monday 9-5

Wednesday 9-5

friday 9-5

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